880 Harrison in the News

Press Release


Tammy Cornejo // Owner
Altered Edge LLC // Graphic Design
880 Harrison really stands out among the rest of the co-working spaces in the Leesburg. They have such a unique atmosphere, it is hard to compare it to others. The creative environment of the building goes beyond the walls and decor. They are attracting businesses and people here, that see the world a little differently, and I truly appreciate that.

Christian Ramsey // CEO
We looked at several locations in the Leesburg area, and location, access to technology, comfort and amenities are just a few of the reasons 880 Harrison stood out from other work spaces in the area. I would (and have) recommend 880 Harrison to businesses looking for something more than office space to grow their businesses.


Please contact information@880harrisonstreet.com for all media inquiries about 880 Harrison